Franchise sales is a common stumbling block for many new franchisors. This is because effective franchise sales:

  • Is a very specialized process different from other industries
  • Has average conversion rates under 1%, which often leads to disappointment and fatigue among franchisors
  • Is about selecting the highest-quality individuals rather than achieving high volume
  • Has extremely long sales cycles of 3 months or more and requires diligent follow-through
  • Requires a talent for building relationships even more so than other types of sales
franchise sales person

This is another arena where JC excels. Our franchise sales process has been fine-tuned over decades of consulting, observation, and first-hand experience. Many of the repetitive sales tasks have been automated, optimizing salesperson productivity. We have made building relationships and sales process diligence part of our company DNA.

Our franchise vendors have often commented that Jewett-Companies’ franchisees are “the most qualified and nicest franchisees” they have encountered in the industry. Good franchisors create a family of franchisees who collaborate and share best practices, so careful selection is paramount. JC focuses on this in the selection process, building not just a franchise but a community.

Setup CRM Software

We set up a lead management system to capture incoming leads, automate lead responses, and track follow-ups.

Train Your Sales Team

If you have existing sales people, our franchise sales experts can get them up-to-speed and ready to close.

Field Incoming Leads

Our salespeople are ready to answer calls and emails and reach out to incoming leads as soon as they enter our system.

Close Franchise Sales

From qualification to education through to disclosure and final offer, we can handle the entire franchise sales process.