The Opportunity

Pinspiration is a retail do-it-yourself workshop in which customers receive the supplies, tutorials and facilities to create their own craft projects. Their famous Splatter Room and ever-rotating offering of the trendiest craft projects makes them a popular destination for all ages! 

Pinspiration generates revenue from the sales of craft kits, facility rentals, and food and drink sales. The founders opened the first Pinspiration location in Phoenix, Arizona in 2015 and their second location in Cumming, Georgia in 2017.

Pinspiration fit our portfolio because:

  • The brand had a strong social media presence and extensive press coverage
  • Crafting is a growing, $16-billion industry
  • The founder of Pinspiration, Brooke Roe, had a relationship with Pinterest
  • Pinspiration had strong intellectual properties, including a secure trademark with roots in the "pinning" industry
pinspiration crafter

Jewett Companies (JC) acquired controlling interest in Pinspiration Franchise Group, LLC in 2018 and launched the Pinspiration franchise offering in September 2018. 

The Audit

pinspiration splatter roomJC conducted a comprehensive audit of the operation in June 2018. It identified six revenue centers, four of which were generating profitable sales. These profit centers were the open craft room, private party room, Splatter Room and beer/wine/snack sales. 

We further examined sales by looking at individual item sales and profitabilty; COGS was high, and profits were concentrated on a small number of high-performing crafts.

We also conducted a thorough marketing audit including competitor research, web behavior analysis, software review, SEO audit, and customer surveys.

The Foundation

  • Held photo and video shoot: We conducted photoshoots to generate high-quality brand imagery, including detailed close-ups of the projects, photos of the founder, and photos of the studio. We also shot a franchise marketing video.
  • Rebuilt the website: We rebuilt the entire website on a new WordPress theme, optimizing for conversions, implementing SEO best practices, and creating a frictionless and simple user experience. We incorporated the new branding and imagery extensively to give visitors a feel for the Pinspiration experience.
  • Hired a strong team: JC filled all C-level management including: finance, accounting, marketing, franchise lead generation, operations and franchise sales roles.
  • Streamlined operations: Our team focused on growing the profitable areas of the business, decreasing cost of goods sold, and eliminating unprofitable segments.
  • Updated Operations Manuals: Many of the Operations Manuals were outdated, unorganized, or overly complex. We optimized them to be the strongest possible resource for franchisees.
  • Implemented sales processes: We implemented our proven sales software, training, and processes to be ready for incoming leads.
pinspiration team

In September 2018 JC launched franchise marketing and sales to record results. In the first three months, the franchise video received over 500,000 views and over 2,700 people applied for franchises exclusively in Florida/Georgia and South Carolina. JS granted 8 franchises in its first two months of franchisee selection and expects to grant another 11 over the next 6 months, reaching the first year sales goal several month earlier than pro forma.

The Results

Our results in the first 12 months after launch

1 +

Completed a 15-question qualifying survey indicating interest.

1 %
Increase in Consumer Traffic

Increase in organic crafters coming to the website for existing locations

$ 20000
Cost Per Sale

Spend on advertising to generate a sold franchise (less than 1/5th the industry average)

Franchises Sold

30% over our target number of franchises sold within the first year

1 +
Video Views

On the Franchise Opportunity Facebook video - plus thousands of likes, comments, and shares.

Our team far exceeded the growth goals for year one for Pinspiration, improved location marketing, updated branding, and built a strong franchise team. 

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