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Jewett Companies consults with, develops, and grows emerging franchise concepts. We work at the franchisor level, developing and optimizing the entity that owns the brand and sells franchises. We only target existing franchise concepts which are not reaching their full market potential.

Our brands set records for franchise growth. Let’s make your brand a household name.

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Brand Development

Our expert marketing team will ensure your brand is professional, protectable, and resonates with your target audiences.

Marketing Strategy

We will provide you with a plan to grow your franchise profitably - both on the franchise side and at the local level.

Marketing Execution

From web development, to video creation, to advertising management, we act as your outsourced marketing department.

Our team of expert sales professionals will handle incoming calls, vet prospects, perform disclosures, and close franchise sales.

Operations Manuals

We will systemize and document every aspect of operating your business so your franchisees have a complete guide.


Our team members have franchised dozens of hugely successful concepts. We can help you get structured for success.

Meet our founders

Your Franchise Growth Partners

Franchising has been our family’s business for over 30 years. We have worked with hundreds of franchise brands.

"I have served as the CEO of multiple franchise brands that set growth records under my leadship."

Scott Jewett


"My advertising campaigns generate franchise leads at 1/10th the average industry cost per lead."

Alex Jewett

Marketing Director

"My franchise sales team has never come short of a sales goal. In fact, we exceed them by 25% on average."

Regina Jewett

Head of Franchising

the power of franchising

Why Should You Consider a Franchise Model?

A franchise model is a great way to grow quickly by essentially outsourcing new unit development to qualified owners.

Because franchisees have personally invested in your business concept, they are generally more motivated to see it succeed than an employee would be.

In addition to receiving an upfront franchise fee from your franchisees, you also get a percentage of revenue for the lifetime of the franchise unit.

Your franchisees are legally obligated to abide by your brand guidelines and operational procedures, allowing you to maintain control over the customer experience.

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Our cost per franchise sale is just 14% the industry average
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Our team has worked with hundreds of franchise businesses
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